Impossible Goal and 25 fails

Hi fabulous coaches –
I need some help thinking about my failures for this quarter. The instructions are contradictory. On page 28 of the workbook it says – “you need to generate at least 25 results you would attempt.” Then on page 30 it says: “make a list of the 25 actions you are committed to
taking for the next quarter, even though these attempts could end in ‘failure.'”

So my question is – what are we writing down? Actions? or results?

My impossible goal this year is to make $50,000 in my business – which means for me, I’m going to work with 25 clients.

When I think about my results/actions for the quarter, it looks like this:
– create an awesome freebie
– build first working funnel that generates clicks and builds email list
– build first facebook ad
– book 25 consults
– sign 4 clients

But, I’m just not clear on what I’m putting down since the instructions say to two different things – one speaks to actions, and the other to results.