Is 8 lbs possible for me?

I am 5’5. I weigh 130 lbs. Im not sure I want to lose 8 lbs. My ideal dream weight is 124. Which is 6 lbs. Part of me, if Im being honest is uncomfortable with losing that much weight. and I don’t believe its possible.

Im working the “believing on purpose” module for my business, practicing the thought “I can generate 2k in my biz today.”

For the last months, ending a 15 year overeating pattern has been my huge goal. it still is. But I want to make room for my business.
My question is: What is the best way to do both of these things? I want to join the program. Can I just change the number? It feels like it defeats the purpose of it, but I also know it is just a C. I will grow massively if I shoot for 8. Yay for more drama. BUT. I don’t want it to come at a sacrifice to my business goal either.