Reducing desire for treats

I’m obsessed with treats. My brain wants a treat daily and especially when I’m travelling or on weekends. I think I deserve to have something ‘special’ because it’s the weekend or I’m on a holiday. For June I included 2 squares of 85-90% dark chocolate in my protocol daily for after dinner as like a reward for sticking to my protocol and feel my brain was calmed knowing it could have a treat at the end of the day. I still lost 8lbs… but I can hear Brookes voice in my head saying I should take the treats away and deal with the tantrum my brain will have! Haha I definitely notice it as a problem on weekends. I went away this past weekend and was aware of how my brain was fixated on finding special gluten free/paleo/raw ‘healthy’ treats all weekend!!! I don’t want to have this thought obsession. Is the only way to reduce my desire to stop having them and sit with the urges?? That will be my work focus for July – no treats at all??!