Should I eat when I am not hungry?

Hi, I have written my protocol. This morning I went for a run and ate my breakfast at 10am. Then I did a weight lifting session. I wasn’t hungry for lunch at all but ended up eating, then overeating at 3pm. Again no hunger really-just started eating and then just overate (like past my +3) . I am going out to dinner at 6 and was afraid I would be so hungry I would overeat dinner. So here is my model
C Eat “planned” lunch at 3 pm past +3
T I should eat
F Resigned
A Eat, then because I was frustrated I was eating because I wasn’t hungry, so just keep eating
R I overeat now instead

My confusing thoughts are “I am not going to get enough calories in” because I worked out (this seems very counter-intuitive to weight loss) and also that I am not sure I want to eat so little. I am more married to the food amount then the results I guess. I think this was a mix of a question and TDL. My main question is that I would look another “brain” to look at this. Thank you!