Thought behind the urge

I’ve been working in resisting my urges and it is satisfying to see my jar fill up. I’ve been trying to feel what I’m feeling and figure out the thoughts that might be behind the urge. So far I’m really struggling to figure out the thought and even the emotion.
I’ve been able to identify the thought and emotion when I was feeling stressed about a parenting situation.
Today though, I was doing some art, I wasn’t physically hungry, I was enjoying myself and immersed in my art, and in the middle I got up and walked towards the kitchen. I turned around and returned to my art, tried to feel what I was feeling and thinking and could not come up with anything…
if I don’t know what is behind some urges will that make this process harder for me?
Or could the thought be:
I don’t know the underlying thought but I am going to decide to not eat at this moment.