100 Unanswered Urges Before Drink Plan?


Back in January I listened to the Stop Overdrinking Course and I loved it. I immediately printed off the sheets and started writing everything down. I have also listened to all the calls. I fill out my drink plan sheets, and when don’t follow my drink plan, I also fill out the follow up sheet. I have not been very successful, BUT I have made progress. I will get it!

I’m trying to pretend that I am confused on why this isn’t working and why I am not losing weight and cutting back on drinking. But I know it is because I am not honoring my commitment to myself. Earlier today, I was like… I don’t know where to start… should I do the stop Overeating class and see if that works, or should I go back to my Urge jar?? Well, I decided to not be confused and listen to the Overdrinking video again about managing urges.

So here is my question, should I feel 100 unanswered drink urges before I start the drink plan? I feel like maybe I went wrong there. I didn’t feel 100 urges before I started the plan. I thought I could create the drink plan, have two drinks, and when I had an urge to have a 3rd that could count toward my 100 urges. But maybe that isn’t right? I keep trying just to quit all together, and when I fail at that I use it as evidence that I can’t do it. Should I quit completely until I gather 100 urges, or can I just start with the drink plan?