Thought On Writing Blog Posts

I’m doing a dare of the day on writing blog posts. My thought download revealed that “If I post it up, people will read it and they might not like it. Here’s my model:

C. Blog post on my topic.

T. They might not like it.

F. Fear.

A. Not finish it, stays forever in draft mode.

R. “They” have no opportunity to either like or dislike it.

This model didn’t feel strong enough, so I asked myself my worst imagined outcome. An “authority” in my industry could read it, and disagree with it, and totally call me out and say I’m wrong. I asked myself “What would I make that mean?” I would make that mean that I don’t understand my industry as well as I think I do, and that I’m a failure and I should stop consulting”.

Where do I go from here? I’m scared of making it mean that thought, but I don’t know what else to think. I’m think it’s likely that if I did get negative feedback then I probably would make it feel that. Can you help me with a bridging thought please? I’m nearly ready to accept that I can do blog posts and that this might create things (comments) that I have a choice on how to interpret. Thanks. I’ve worked really hard at consciously not allowing myself to think that “my business has failed” because it’s nearly the end of year one and I’m looking to return to full time work and build my business part time. I’m just re-focusing on the work at hand. Thanks