125 lbs or Bust!

Hi Brooke,
I joined in October and am down 17lbs since 10/23! That’s 171.5 to 154. It’s felt pretty easy so something must be up. I’m working on stopping OD too.

I was struggling with my goal for 2018 but when I did the workbook, weight kept popping up. I’m 54 and just shy of 5’6” and was thinking 135 was a good weight. That’s what I’ve been working toward until today when I realized that 125 was a better number. Judging by the panic that set in, I must be moving in the right.direction. How does that weight sound to you?

To get there, I need to put my yo-yoing and over drinking to rest. I need to love movement and really plan my food. I also need to improve sleep and self care. I’m making myself a priority which is challenging with my 5 year old son running around. Hmm, looks like I need to do a model on that thought.

So, 125 is the goal but all of that other stuff needs to happen to get me there and keep me there. Am I on track?

I had some second guessing of this goal thinking it should be a business result but I really want to put thinking about food, wine and weight behind me. I was a chubby kid and have weighed between 127-175 as an adult.

Once I get food and alcohol handled, I feel like I can take on the world.

Im so thrilled to have found you. it’s the best thing to come out of Facebook (aka where time goes to die).

Thanks in advance for the hand holding!