2 Cookies vs 1 Cookie

I knew going into Monday we had lots of cookies left at work from an event the week before that were put in the freezer. I was craving a cookie all day Monday and sitting with the uncomfortable feeling without acting. I decided to wrap up 2 cookies to take home to my husband since he loves snickerdoodles. I then put 1 cookie on my protocol for Tuesday. Going well so far.

When I got to work Tuesday I hadn’t planned on a time to eat the cookie (EX: with lunch, as a snack, etc). I got my coffee & quickly downed both cookies. I don’t know how to describe the feeling…maybe scarcity? I’m trying to be sneaky — allowing my primitive brain to act before my preplanning brain has time to talk me out of it, (not sure if I have those terms correct). My thought was it isn’t worth saving 1 cookies. I’ll just get 2 cookies out of the freezer for my husband and take them home tonight. My action was eating the cookies. My result was ??? possibly gaining weight, not staying on protocol…do I need to say more?

After writing down this model I asked myself do I like the thought this is creating… NO. Is this thought serving me…NO. Now what?