4 Hour Interview Thoughts

I am noticing resistance to something that just happened in considering a new job and would like a little hand-holding in working through it 🙂

C: HR Director asked that I provide several times I’m available for 4 uninterrupted hours during a workday in the next 3 weeks. I responded within 30 minutes with 3 options and they responded that the CEO would be on vacation those days (which were within the window of time they previously provided) asking that I provide more options instead.
T: That’s asking a little much – it’s already 4 hours I have to carve out from my existing full-time job and the options I provided are those I can guarantee are open.
F: Taken aback
A: Explain that I can’t guarantee availability for other days for that length of time. Offer to confirm other dates as it gets closer, but that unfortunately I can’t commit to other dates at this time. Stew over it. Look up on google whether it’s reasonable for a potential employer to ask for that much interview time of someone currently working elsewhere. Consider withdrawing application. Indulge in indecision. Reply again with a tentative alternate date I hope I can make available but can’t confirm until a meeting next week at my job.
R: I ask too much of the world to be “reasonable” in my eyes.