4 hour window for IF and “insulin fasting”

Hi Brooke,
I had already heard of the 8 hour eating window for Intermittent Fasting before from other sources. And I believe it, because several years ago, I lost a lot of weight by eating 3 meals, no snacks, between 8 am and 6 pm, essentially a10-hour eating window and a 14-hour fast, even though I’d never heard of Intermittent Fasting. : )

But I had never heard of shortening the window to four hours as you discuss in the Stop Overeating Workshop.
I’m curious when you would suggest this shortened window. And for how many days in a row would people be able to keep it up?

And if you do a short window like that for losing weight, could you successfully go back to an 8-ish hour window after that for maintenance?

Also in your webinar, you mention an “insulin fast”, some kind of low-carb breakfast?? I am wondering where that fits into the IF protocol. Is that for people that still want breakfast outside of the 8 hour window?

Thanks so much!