6 month VIP and Magazine

I had no idea that the new magazine was on the website!!! I knew it was coming but didn’t know when. It was amazing!!! I loved it! Secondly, I will be a VIP in August and plan on doing a Modelthon in October. Are there other in-person opportunities besides Modelthons. I may have asked this before but I can’t find it. Are there retreats in Dallas for clients to learn more in- person other than the SCS Master Class to be certified in Coaching? Is that what the Master Class is? Will I be notified in plenty of time in advance of my VIP to make arrangements to come out there and be apart of all these great opportunities? So as I said, there is the Master Class (is that the class to be a coach?) Is there a distinction between Master Class to be a Coach and Classes other than Modelthons that are in person?
Thanks Brooke