Action OR Vibration Creating Results?

I’ve been studying the work of Abraham Hicks lately and it is written that it is a vibration that creates results not action. I am confused by this Because it seemingly goes against the model. For reference I’m reading the astonishing power of emotions and there is an example on the thought ” I cannot lose weight” It is written ” We want to explain something that most people do not understand and in fact have a hard time believing : whether you gird up your willpower and walk out of an ice cream parlor or whether you go ahead and select and eat a large tub of ice cream there’s absolutely no difference in the effect of one of those actions over the other! even if we are talking about 1000 days of walking out as compared to 1000 days of eating a tub of ice cream the action choice of one or the other makes no difference!It is not your action that matters it is your vibration. it is not your action that makes you fat it is your vibration. it is not what you are doing that makes the difference; it is how you are feeling about what you are doing.”