A Presentation

My pattern goes like this: I get inspired to give a presentation at a conference. I write the proposal. It gets accepted. Then I go to write the talk and my brain seizes up. I can’t get any words out and not in a way that makes any dang sense.

I volunteered to give a workshop on overcoming perfectionism for people in tech. I am having a hard time writing it. I am overthinking it. I guess I am thinking I have to do it right? Dang! Can you coach me on this?

C: Lesson plan on overcoming imposter syndrome
T: fuck, I don’t know
F: confused
A: spin in my mind. start and stop writing. open up a new document. go on Twitter. check Facebook. pick up my phone. check Slack, check Twitter again. get mad at myself for “always doing this”. give up for today. try talking into a recorder. try to think of ways I can get the words out of my brain and onto paper. Question whether I actually do know anything about this. Think about texting my friends. do more research.
R: 1/2 page written in 7 hours