About me page

Hi Brooke!

I am going through your steps on how to be a life coach via your podcast! I am working on the about me page. My website supports my business which is part yoga – part coaching – part retreats and workshops. I feel that the about me page needs to touch on all of those items. Can I do the about me steps like you list in your podcast on my coaching page instead? My niche that I going to work is: Women
Aged 25-40
Making 90k or more
In a professional job
Have a “case of the golden handcuffs” and a strong desire to solve it

Side note: I am VERY interested in growing my coaching business vs the yoga side of my business which really isn’t reflected here in my current about me. Here is my current about me….. (what are your thoughts/ recommendations? what do you think in terms of a title? also if you want to see how it looks with the coaching tab etc the site is lauraconley.com)

“If you had told me ten years ago that I would eventually have a career as a yoga teacher and life coach, I wouldn’t have believed you.

My first experiences with yoga didn’t exactly leave me instantly infatuated. The physical practice wasn’t easy or comfortable, but then again, our most transformative experiences in life rarely are.

Both my dad and then-boyfriend, now-husband encouraged me to continue to explore life on the mat and what I found was not only a true and lasting love, but also a way of life that I am deeply passionate about.

Through connecting with my Goddess-like Guru, Kia Miller, and undergoing a 500-Hour YogaWorks Teacher Training led by Kia and the incredibly talented Jesse Schein, yoga revealed itself as my Dharma (Sanskrit decoded: life purpose, one’s calling), so I took a off the “golden handcuffs” and left a sales career that was financially fulfilling, but missing heart to become a yoga teacher and share my love with others.

As I dove deeper into my practice and took off the “golden handcuffs”, I discovered an array of powerful tools and teachers for taking my practice off the mat including the work of The Life Coach School, igolu (now called Lightyear Leadership), The Desire Map, and meditation. As I did this work off the mat another potent and exciting purpose rose to the surface, coaching and helping others with a case of the golden handcuffs find their personal freedom and callings.

These tools support me in creating a fulfilling life that is bursting with joy, play, empowerment, and peace, and I am totally lit up by helping others do the same!

Whether it’s through private yoga and coaching sessions, my classes at YogaWorks and Equinox, or thoughtfully curated events, workshops, and retreats, I use a balance of feisty passion and grounded spirituality to support others who want to create a life that is driven by passion and purpose, in which they can be authentically themselves all the time!

If you’re ready to show up, go deep, and laugh a lot along the way, then be sure to connect with me (hyperlinked on my website) and be prepared to uncover your own brilliant light!”