Abundance Mindset- Do I really create my results?

I am exploring the ideas of abundance and scarcity and creating my own money results.

I used to be in some debt for school, but when I got married a year and a half ago my husband and I combined our finances and he paid off my debt in full. Before marriage I always paid a little more than the minimum payment in the student loans and has everything I needed and was almost out of credit card debt which I had always carried some of for years.

My husband and I budget together and both enjoy that and are very purposeful with our money. We both work and live in an inexpensive apartment and have no children yet. We are debt free and have money saved for emergencies and for when we have a baby some day and we contribute a good amount to a 401k and save for vacations. My mother-in-law is also very generous with us and we have even more money saved because of her.

I feel more financially secure than I ever have in my whole life and I feel very grateful. I grew up in a family with more of a scarcity mindset and lots of debt and not a lot of saving and planning ahead. So it seems like I am developing more of an abundance mindset than I used to, but it seems like the cause may be that I have no debt and more money in my bank account, rather than my thinking. Looking for some help.

Some possible models:

How I Might Be Creating Results:

C- Current Financial Situation
T- I have everything I need and more
F- Secure
A- Save, spend, and earn purposefully and communicate with husband about it all
R- I am living from abundance

C- Current Financial Situation
T- Myself and others have worked hard to get us to where we are today
A- Use funds purposefully and with gratitude. Excited about what I can do with it.
R- I am living from abundance

I think what I’m realizing is my financial situation is largely outside my control- husband and mother-in-law have a lot to do with it, but my T-F-A lines are my part in it and my experience with it. I could still have a scarcity mindset around it and have fears that we would lose it all or something, or not trust myself with money the way I don’t trust my parents with it.

How am I doing?