Account Was Hacked

My Facebook and Messenger account was hacked. The offender deleted my account.

I realize this circumstance is neutral. That would be hard to believe if it wasn’t for what I’m learning here in Scholars though. (Thank you, SCS!)

My thought is This is such a bummer!

My feeling is sad, especially since some sweet messages in Messenger I treasured from a dear, long-time friend are now gone.

The felling I have in another model is angry.

I am working on allowing these emotions by getting out of my head and finding them in my body and processing them all the way through whenever they come up.

Again, if it wasn’t for Scholars, I’d be believing this bummer of a situation was causing all of my emotions that feel pretty strong at times. However, I am learning that life is 50/50—that there can be feelings of discomfort “half” of the time—but they’re only vibrations in my body.

Is there anything additional that I should consider as I use this circumstance as an opportunity to practice what I am learning? Especially regarding the loss of those parts that were special to me. Thank you in advance for your response.