Adjusting Protocol Vs Stopping When Satisfied

Hello! I have been following my protocol for 15 days and at day 14 I decreased my portions slightly. I have been losing weight. The first week I was experiencing lots of hunger, but now even with less food I am not as hungry and could *probably* stop eating sooner and feel fine. I’m definitely not overfull or stuffed, but I continue to eat my protocol portion bc I enjoy the pleasure of eating and I know I won’t eat again until dinner so stopping early feels difficult bc I feel like I’ll be missing out. Part of my protocol is eating at a certain time bc this is important for my overeating and allowing urges to eat sooner just bc I’m stressed, etc. My question is – if I’m finding I don’t need as much food should I adjust my protocol or do thought models around leaving food on my plate if I’m satisfied or “no longer hungry”? It almost seems like it would be easier to adjust my portions than messing with the back and forth of “have I had enough?”. Thank you for your help!