Advice re: coaching client

I am just getting started with my coaching practice and have only coached people for free so far.

I had the opportunity to speak to one new prospective client that seemed a perfect fit for my niche. I did a first session for free, then presented my program and told her my fee. She said she would take a few days to think about it — was it a mistake to hang up on that note? Should I have questioned her about what would make her say yes vs. no?

In any case, I emailed her all the info about the program plus a couple of resources related to our conversation, which she responded and thanked me for.

I checked in a few days later by phone, left a message, and she didn’t call me back.

I don’t want to harass her so I left it at that. I assume she doesn’t want to work with me, but I would love the chance to get feedback on why/why not, and possibly adjust my offer accordingly (to her and others).

I do know I only want to work with “hell yeah” clients, as per the Prosperous Coach advice, but I feel like a complete newbie and I’m not sure whether I should have done something differently, or if it’s just a matter of letting that one go.

Would love your guidance if you don’t mind!
Thank you so much.