At the Affect of my Body – need some model help

Dear Brooke, One thing I am really in awe of is how you show up week after week doing great work, you never reschedule or show up tired or sick and I think that’s AMAZING. Before SCS I couldn’t even imagine that were possible because I’m sick so often. For years I’ve had around 2 migraines a month. I regularly get coughs, colds infections etc that have me barely able to function. Quite often I find trying to cope with daily life while sick almost intolerable. I feel very much at the affect of my body and scared of what’s coming and whether I can cope. Calendering becomes hard because getting sick is unpredictable, so I tend towards a to-do list I cram into the time that I’m healthy, but also opting out of, say more work responsibility or going to social events. I know if I were healthier I could contribute so much more. Up until now I’ve tried to “fix” this by trying to change my “C” line, trying to figure out ways to get sick less often by consulting with doctors/nutritionists & changing my diet/habits etc with little success.

So I tried to see if there was some model work I could do around this. My unintentional model is:
C: Health
T: I’m frail, I always get sick
F: Anxious, sad, inadequate
A: Limit activities. Keep home etc hyper organized so things don’t fall apart when I’m sick .
R: Live a smaller life.
I know my R here should be that “I always get sick” but I can’t quite find the connection between my actions and how they could lead me to get sick.

For my intentional model I worked backwards from the result “I rarely get sick”.
C: Health
T: I need and deserve to make self-care my top priority
F: Worthy, determined
A: Excellent self-care – eat well, exercise, rest
R: I rarely get sick
BUT I doubt this model will work in practice because when I’m well things like paying the bills, feeding the kids, laundry, essential errands etc. has to take priority over self-care to keep our lives running.

I’d really value your thoughts.