Afraid of allowing urges (Nadège)

Dear Coach,
Of course you’re absolutely right – I am afraid of feeling my urges. I’m beginning to understand that they’re not something out of my control that comes over me. I create them and I can manage them. I used to think I was completely powerless when they appeared. Now I understand how to feel my feelings, I’m realising I can do this. I just need to practise and this impossible goal is perfect for that matter!
And you’re right again – I need to get ready for failing, even if I’ve done everything I can not to. That’s hard for me. I want to do it right, if not perfect, all the time. If I fail, I see myself as a failure. I just have to remind myself that from my future self’s point of view, of course it’s perfect. If I fail, it allows me to see where I need to keep on working.
And finally if I weren’t afraid to fail, I would go all in with pure joy! Maybe I should create a model with that emotion on the F line!?
So I’m going to expect urges, if not cause them by slowly walking past bakery Windows, and I’m going to feel them all the way through.
And I’m also going to expect fails and I’m going to learn how not to be so harsh on myself. Just because that’s the only way for me to grow and succeed… And I’ll be such a different person on the 31st of December! Exciting!
Thank you so much for your help!
Have a wonderful day!