Impossible goal – Staying Connected

As I wrote that title I realized that if I am just believing that IT IS DONE – I don’t need to worry about whether I’m connected to it or not. It just IS. I don’t need to have this constant worry of monitoring whether I am believing hard enough – is that right?

Here is my homework on my impossible goal and my question follows:

C: impossible goal
T: i’m not connected to my dream because I don’t have that feeling of being connected to it; and I’m discounting the evidence that is happening as “not enough”
F; disconnected, despairing, desperation
A: i do small actions that come from desperation, scrambling, I worry, take the actions of a worried person, don’t spend time dwelling on my big dream, I don’t make big movements that come from trust and certainty
R: I have small evidence but not BIG evidence or, especially, not the feeling of being connected to my dream – not the feelings that come with believing and knowing

I know the thought error is in making my belief dependent on external evidence. I know my job is to create evidence with my belief. I had a few days where I was sick and had a lot of family/work commitments and I’m amazed at how much my belief /thoughts got wobbly and sloppy in that time that I wasn’t able/didn’t devote the time to this work. I want to question the thought that I couldn’t get away – the truth is that I felt very guilty and like my husband would shame me for taking the time. Interesting as I think that is one of my obstacles – that I will be able to take the time (and I’m even constraining my time and not just planning on working 24/7, as you have talked about, I’m planning for balance) to both stay in cultivating this new mindset and then taking the massive action.

But if I KNEW I’d reach my impossible goal, my model would be aligned right?

C: impossible goal
F: certainty…I also feel like the feeling would be free
A: take the necessary actions, minus guilt and indulging in shame
R: impossible goal – I’m connected to it in thought/spirit and in reality

So, my work is to come up with the T’s that are in that aligned model, right? And also bridge thoughts?

If I am believing 100% than when my husband doesn’t want me to take time away to work on this, then I just think, “he doesn’t know what I know, no one can stop me, of course he is thinking that, he gets to think what he thinks and do what he wants and I get to think what I think and create what I want to create.”

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you, Brooke! Loved the last newsletter, especially (love them all), by the way. XO