Aligned Model Follow Up for Impossible Goal

Hello! My impossible goal for 2020 is to make $50,000. I posted my model below what I need to do to get there. I am trying to figure out what feeling and thought I would need to have. I saw that I could use determined, but that doesn’t feel right to me. Am I putting too much in the action line of my model? Also, I know that this is my model to work towards my goal of $50,000, but are there other models I will need to do along the way – so I’ll have this model and then other models that feed into this model (for example – in this model I have to stop doubting my ability to create value, so I’ll have a new model(s) where I ladder my thoughts to believe in my ability to create value)?

C- 2020 Revenue so far $1,000
A- Start – Applying for full time jobs making $50,000 per year, Interview, create value for employer
Stop- Doubting my ability to create value, spending money unconsciously, doubting there are jobs in the area to make $50,000, having scarcity thoughts about money
R- Revenue of $50,000 between Jan. 1st and December 31st of 2020