Am I allowed to cry and feel sad before and while still working the model?


I want to be like Brooke when I grow up 😀. I love what you are teaching and I even psuhed myself outside my comfort zone to spread the message and hosted my first workshop a week ago about goals for 2018 using the model and December work. Only two of my friends showed up but I prepared and we worked through it and I felt amazing at helping them with their struggles 💃. I am creating next workshop already, even if no one shows up I am doing the work. I am doing it and I will reach out to many women again. I am committed to make it happen.I have a call with Jody in February because I need to be a Life Coach, there is no other option for me. I came here to do exactly this! So thank you for everything. My question is, today I had a challenging moment with my son when I did lose my temper and it escalated. I feel the tightness in my chest and feel unwell in my stomach because I did not control myself in a way I always try to. I am working the model and understand that I did not damaged him for life, this is life, he better learn how to deal with this type of situations from me, I am a great mom and I am what he needs. My question is, is feeling sad and even cry to release the tension a good way to process my feelings in the moment and before or while doing ‘the work’?
Grateful for your feedback,