Is being alone bad in the Overeating Program?

Is it a bad thing that I’m choosing to do this Stop Overeating Program alone?

And what I mean by alone is-

– no family knows I’m doing this other than Josh (husband)
– I am not reaching out to girl friends to discuss our weight and how much we have lost (no keeping up with anyone)
– not putting anything AT ALL on social media (not fishing for compliments or seeking validation from others)
– I am not consistently updating anyone, nor is anyone asking me each week how its going.

This was my original plan from the get-go. I’ve been down the social media weight-loss road and I ended up depending on their comments way too much. So therefore I chose to do it this way so my weight loss would be COMPLETELY 100% up to me. (nobody else)

Is this fine?

and possible?

I’m really just making sure I’m not making a dumb move by doing it this way.

Thank you so much!!!