Am I Invalidating?


So I have shared some bold statements on my social media and I have one person in particular that keeps telling me my words are invalidating. For example, I said, “Changing our thoughts and perceptions means we are no longer victims of our circumstances and some people are just not ready for that.”

She then told me how “I will always be a victim because XYZ happened to me.” I know that’s her thought.

So the thing is, I know that unless I said something specifically saying what happened to her isn’t true, then the invalidation is coming from her thoughts on this post. This isn’t the only time she’s commented. One time I did change something I shared because it used the term “weak,” so I felt it acceptable to change that term.

Through this, I know it’s kind of like she is exactly the person who clearly isn’t ready for that, as I said in my post.

I’m just having a hard time feeling confident in my wording because trauma can be so touchy. But I also want to be bold and kind of a kick-in-the-pants for those who are ready to do the work and not victimize themselves.

I guess I’m needing help on how I should model this out.