And that’s ok

I am having a problem with the phrase “And that’s ok” which I’ve seen used in this program. My brain really gets tripped up on this and usually yells “NO IT IS NOT OK”. For example: “I’m a failure and that’s ok” (no it is not); my boss isn’t qualified for this job and that’s ok – on a recent Q&A call – (no it is not); I have messed up and that’s ok (no it is not).

What does ok mean here? Acceptance that this is the current reality as in “this is how things are right now” or is it actually saying “it is acceptable to be a failure”. The amount of pain this thought causes suggests that this is something I really need to get a hold of but I’m not clear on this. Should I be going down the route of asking myself why it is so painful to think I am a failure “I am a failure, so what?” and then work on changing my thoughts from there? Is this along the right lines? My end goal is move away from thinking that I’m a failure not lock this belief in further which feels like the danger here – constantly telling myself “I’m a failure and I have to be ok with that”. What am I missing?