Urge Observation

Hi Brooke-I went through all your Overeating videos this weekend and have implemented a protocol. I’ve recently lost about 40 pounds over the last year, with about 20 more to go, and it was pretty much from your original teachings from If I’m So Smart (Tahoe girls shout out!) One thing that I realized yesterday as I was writing down an urge,was that while I seem to be easily able to work through my food urges and let them pass with very little struggle, my real urge is for an internet/smart phone hit. The thought of not picking up my phone to check instagram or my emails made me break into a cold sweat like a heroin addict. It wasn’t pretty! (And I realize, completely fricking ridiculous-no one is emailing in to tell me it’s time to come into to perform brain surgery.) My plan is to give myself a few, very specific times during the day to check online, but otherwise no snacking/grab ass. And of course-to figure out my thoughts about why I’m buffering with the phone. XO Heidi