Anxiety and diarrhea

When I get anxious I often get diarrhea. I have done a lot of work on accepting my anxiety and processing it through. I understand and entirely believe it is my thoughts causing my anxiety and nothing has gone wrong. I’m so pleased to now be at a place where I can do anything whilst feeling anxious. Consequently my anxiety is no longer a barrier and isn’t the huge problem it once was.

Sometimes, when I get anxious I feel my body go into flight or fight mode and as my autonomic system switches on I get diarrhea.
This isn’t a problem and I not only accept it but expect it!

My question is am I “cheating “ to take medication to prevent this? There are certain situations where having diarrhea is physically challenging, such as during a presentation, and having something to take that away feels sensible. But I have another thought which is I should be able to prevent this symptom with my brain. But I’m not sure if that’s even possible?

What do you think?