Is anxiety even normal? CLR

I’ve been doing models everyday for sometime now, since I joined Self Coaching Scholars and I always find that I say terrible things about myself in my thought download, but I recognize it and my thoughts are definitely better. I recognize that most of my thoughts trigger some sort of anxiety everyday. I know now what it feels like in my body and it for sure happens to me at least once a day. I asked my husband if he feels anxiety everyday and he said he didn’t. It started to make me think that it’s not normal to be anxious all the time. I know the thought downloads are helping me. I’m a pretty high performer in most things I do – I have a couple of businesses and I coach others on finding and investing in their own businesses too. I talk a big talk and sometimes feel like a fraud, but I’ve always done big things and felt this way. I guess I’m seeing that maybe it’s just me, and that anxiety isn’t normal but it’s just how I’ve lived for so long. Do other people really not feel anxiety? I’ve probably answered my own question but I’m curious about your take on this.