Dear Brooke, I just completed the podcast study guide on apathy and was shocked to realize I’m apathetic in 2 very important areas of my life – improving my marriage and finding fulfilling work. The thoughts leading to apathy in both areas are “I can’t solve this” and “I’ve tried to resolve this for so long and it has never worked”. The effort/anxiety of seeking solutions followed by failure/despair is so painful and, aside from the shame, apathy feels like a welcome relief & acceptance. I’ve been in SCS for nearly 1 year. The fact that I have so much amazing material and support but still haven’t been able to make progress in these areas reinforces my thought that I can’t solve them. I want to step out of apathy, but I’ve started to believe these are problems that, for some reason I can’t perceive, I’m not able to solve so it’s not serving me to focus on them. Can you help me find a way out of this?