Applying Urge Work to Staying Up Too Late / Waking in the Morning

Hi Brooke!

For someone who struggles with staying up too late and with waking in the morning, would you recommend urge work?

AKA – processing the urge to stay up later than desired to get things done and / or processing the urge to sleep in / go back to bed after turning off an alarm?

If so, how would you recommend applying this urge work to these goals? Night time seems more clear in using urge work – your brain is more alert and it seems one would mentally be more able to access processing the urge. What about morning time – what would processing an urge look like in the mind of the tired? Would you just do a marble if you got up? Or if you were up for a certain amount of time? Or is there a better way to create the habit of getting out of bed? (I know of just getting up and committing to doing the first thing…then might as well do the next thing and the next – but am unclear if the tool of processing the urge would be useful here).

Also, what would resisting/reacting to the urge look like in the case of going back to bed in the morning vs processing that urge? My thought – resisting is telling yourself, “let’s just make it 10 minutes” and white knuckling then possibly going back to bed at the end of that. But how would you know you had processed it in a way that de-conditions the desire?

Thanks in advance.