Shame about debt

Hi Brooke! First off, I’m taking your money course and it’s helping me so much. I’ve already improved my mindset. I have a lot of debt and I’m trying to find some neutral thoughts that I believe to go in a positive debt model. I still feel a lot of shame about my debt. I’d like to feel empowered to create more value to pay if off. Do you have any suggestions or good feeling thoughts for debt mindset beginners. Kinda like the body ‘ i have a body ‘ I want to find something I can believe.

C: I have debt
T: I made stupid mistakes with money and ruined my life
F: shame
A: pay it off by cutting expenses and/or don’t look at my spending or bills, avoid anything to do with money don’t look for better high paying jobs feel out of control and powerless
R: I stay stuck and keep living paycheck to paycheck stressed about money or even make things worse

C: I have debt
F: empowered, safe
A: I get creative, manage money in a healthy way, start create value or brainstorming ideas at least
R: I start paying off debt and feeling more empowered about money in general, maybe even get a better job I love.