Appreciate It

Hi Brooke and coaches,

I want to say thank to all of you for all the fabulous things that I have learned from you during these 10 months that I am in SCS. Even I thought initially I have no major issues and before I joined the SCS I was listening to your podcasts for fun for about 3 months to improve my English since I am new in US then I decided to join to SCS to just feel better about my life. Now I am deliberately aware of what is going on in my mind n my life. I am a big fan of Wayne Dyre and I read most of his books over and over. His attitude changed my life drastically 10 yr ago when I was desperate and deeply disappointed. This month I went back to read One of his books again ,that was mind blowing when I read those words n believed them down to my bones and I found myself totally different from before. I feel that I am actively manifesting in my life and I am the person who decides to what happens to me rather than before I was trying to accept what comes to me and try to be positive and fix things. Now, this training is a game changer for me. I do appreciate it since now I deeply feel better and I truly believe that I am a leader of my life .My mind set is shifted and my mind is quiet enough to let me focus on my priorities and achieve my goals. I am much more motivated and thrilled about my life now .🙏🏻💕☺️