Asking a soon-to-be (STB) ex husband for a hug

I am questioning the idea of asking my STB ex husband for a hug. (He wants the divorce.) I am a very affectionate person, always giving hugs to friends. My STB ex is not affectionate.. Throughout our long marriage I requested a hug when I wanted one and felt connected before, during, and after the hug. I’m not sure if still wanting a hug from STB ex is just me wanting connection or neediness???? It feels a little of both. Can you please comment on my models? Thank you.

C – being in same room as STB ex
T – I shouldn’t ask him for a hug though I want to.
F – needy ??
A – none
R – remain feeling needy ??

C – being in same room as STB ex
T – I would like a hug
F – connection
A – request hug
R – experience connection to STB ex