Bad Days

Hi Brooke,

I’m going through it today! I’ve learned that if I manage my thoughts first thing in the morning by completing my workbook and writing a gratitude list my day is usually pretty great. I’m moving along with not overeating, not buffering, not procrastinating just getting it done! Then I have days like today where I feel like a load of crap. I did my thought work, my gratitude list but I can’t seem to shake off the negative feeling. I wonder if it’s habitual and may be harder to shake off since I’ve had negative thoughts about my corporate job for as long as I can remember? My thoughts were: I’m bored. I wish I was doing something else (as a job). I turned them around to: having this job is a choice, I choose to come to work everyday and make a contribution. My work can be fun. Still nothing. So I my question is can feelings just come from years of feeling something and not necessarily having a thought associated with it? I can’t seem to find the thought but the feeling is not new. How do I start removing these negative feelings that I’m so used to?
P.S. I didn’t binge on a box of donuts although I really felt like it. Thank goodness for that beautiful pre-frontial cortex!