Bad thought and good outcome?

Hi Brooke,
I’m struggling with a model where feelings of fear and anxiety seem to be creating a good outcome. Hoping you can help.

C. leading a meeting tomorrow for 25 people
T. they’re all going to laugh, they will say meeting has no value, i don’t know what I’m doing, i’m not ready. one person in particular will be glaring at me, talking about me to other co-workers
F. fear, anxiety, panic
A. go into work on a Sunday and spend 3 hours preparing
R. meeting goes really well; objective is achieved; gets thank you from participants

So, it seems like ‘bad thoughts’ are creating a good outcome? But then maybe I thought that there was a parallel model happening that led to me going into work like…

C meeting tomorrow
T do some prep, you’ll feel better
F still worry, anxiety, it is not going to go well
A spend lots of time preparing
R meeting goes well

I do find a lot that I worry a lot about work (some perfectionism going on here maybe?), but the worry leads me to spend a lot of time preparing and then I get a good outcome due to preparation. So, that’s where I am confused as it relates to model outcome. Thanks!