Bead Worthy?

Hi:) I was having very negative thoughts about a client who contacted me after hours after I specifically told her my hours, which led to negative feelings about my job in general. So, I felt these feelings for a brief time then contacted the client, reminding her of the designated hours and that she would need to get in touch with me during those hours, at which time I would be happy to assist her. I felt better afterwards because I took positive action, put things into perspective (a toughie for me at times) and my feelings lightened up regarding the client and my job. There was a time when I would have been annoyed and stressed for days, but I really did rebound fairly quickly!
My Urge Jar is for processing negative thoughts/feelings and then, instead of indulging in them, turning them into positives. Then I get a bead. Would you say my behavior and resulting thoughts/feelings are bead worthy? Just want to make sure I’m doing this correctly, because up until now I’ve been a bit stingy with my beads. As I write this, I’m giving myself credit for how I handled this situation, something I didn’t do yesterday when I was dealing with it. It’s weird how I’m just now, more than 24 hours later, realizing I handled things waaaay better than I used to. I call that Bead worthy!!
Thank you !