Been confused and angry

Hi brook
I’ve been in an affair for a long time and looks like it’s ending now
I’ve hated who I’m and living with an artist that I dislike as well – on top of that with my mother because we could’nt figure out how to make enough to be on our own! Family against us – our daughters withdrawing and me working as a caregiver and charging self help program after self help program and now I’m here! My question is – I need help to grow up! I’m 66 and have no savings and a studio/garage full of artworks that I have also bought programs for to help with – I just don’t know where to begin! I’m the one who asked you about selling and how it sucks! What do you suggest? Tuter ? I’ve become extremely passive but want to be committed here to find out what I want. Buts it’s not like my husband of 30 years can be on his own.. or go back to Bulgaria – he’s a good caregiver to my mom since she broke her hip 2 years ago he is 78 – we can have something wonderful if we could band together and create a workable plan to sell his work.. unfortunately he has so much! I do apologize for spewing all of this on you! Thank you