Study Halls and a personal question

Joining in the collective yay and thank you that study hall video is up. Attended the first with Pat (who was fab) but was gutted I couldn’t make the second. Love September work! Thank you!

My second point is a B- thank you but if I don’t send now I never will so I’m just getting it done 😊 I wish I could put into better words how much you’ve helped me. You brought me out of depression and showed me such a better way to live. I’ve been listening to your podcast for 18 months now and a scholar for three. You are all kinds of a wonderful human. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My last question is personal so apologies if I’m over-stepping a boundary. You look amazing! I note you look even amazinger 🙂 in recent videos. I’m wondering if this is just good Texan living or have you had a little help? The reason I ask is not noseyness but that I am a mid-forties musician. I need to produce videos and would like to look my best. (I posted my first Facebook live video yesterday and am dealing with the feelings that are coming up) I’d love to “freshen up” and present my best self but no idea of good treatments. Totally understand if you don’t want to answer publicly or otherwise.

Once again a B minus but galactic thank you for helping me to change my perspective to create a great life!