Being a product of your product

Here’s my problem. I feel like I’ve been trying to do the work for YEARS. I’ve spent so much time and money on coaching and therapy, and honestly, I don’t feel like I have had a massive transformation. I still honestly feel stuck and like I’m lacking the courage to make real change.

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong but if I were to take a guess, it’s that I don’t truly trust that my thoughts create my reality. My brain is still stuck on the patriarchal idea that my *actions* create my reality. Yeah, that’s my problem. I REALLY WANT to believe that my thoughts create reality, but I’m to terrified that they don’t so I don’t ever REALLY go all in 100%. I’m just so SCARED that what if I’m wrong?

How can I get to trust that my thoughts are creating reality? I feel like I want to shout from the rooftops and teach everyone that thoughts create reality because I BELIEVE it….but I don’t live it because I’m too scared to try.

What the heck are my models here? Can I work this almost like how Brooke did the stop overdrinking – she said “she wanted to want to stop drinking”. Can I work on “I want to believe that thoughts create results”?

Just trying to think of a way to do this. Are there any resources you can recommend? I am really wanting this transformation, but I’m so attached to the idea of my ACTIONS creating results and I’m finding it very hard to let go.