Being called back to work

I received a call from my boss today that I am being called back to work now that the company I work for can reopen. Instead of feeling excitement, I am feeling anxious and upset. Shortly before businesses started shutting down I made the decision to go virtual with my business. I had a list of things that I wanted to get done with my business and have only achieved some of them. I am angry with myself for not using more of my time to focus on this. I’m feeling this sense of panic that if I go back, that I will go back to my old ways of not taking action in my business. I’m feeling this is my last chance to create a career/business for myself because I’m almost 53. When I read this it all sounds silly but feels so real.
C: called back to work
T: I’m not ready
F: anxious
A: exercise, ruminate over all the things I didn’t get done, get testy with others
R: not taking action in my business

Intentional model
C: was called back into work
T: I have plenty of time to work on my business
F: grateful
A: continue working on my business, use my work connections as an opportunity to talk about my business, keep making offers!
R: moving forward in my business

Thank you!