Being criticized and accused of negative actions

I had a recent encounter with another professional in my industry and we had several interactions. After one call, she sent me an email saying I was rude and unprofessional. My thoughts about it were immediately: “Heck no I’m not…YOU are!!!” Anyway, I did not interact with the person after that time except to cancel the contract. She continued to tell me in emails that I was being unfair and not handling the situation well. I simply chose not to work with someone who acted in a particular way. She is free to act however she wants, I know, but I needn’t continue engaging professionally anymore.

My question is that this situation is still taking up residence in my brain. I must still being having thoughts about it. I suppose I am telling myself I could have handled the phone call differently or more ‘softly’ when in my head I was simply asking for changes that I thought mutual clients wanted. My belief about her is that she cannot handle any criticism whatsoever so I don’t mind not having her on this project anymore. I’m just wondering if, on some level, there is still some negative belief about myself that she triggered.