Belief that life is too short!

Thank you so much for your precious help 🙂

I’m working on thoughts that make me feel scared (scarcity).
I came up with this model:

C. There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week
T. Life is too short
F. Tensed
A. Overthinking, over-worrying, doing things fast, not enjoying being in the present as much as I want to!
R. I’m not enjoying the time that is passing as much as I want to!

I’m trying to work on an intentional model that would have a new thought that I believe a bit that is:
T. Life is the exact length that it’s supposed to be.

But I don’t feel like I believe it 🙂 and this relates (I think!) to a conversation I had with my husband about how much there are things that we love in life and that we don’t want to die and be separated from all the people that we love (including each other, we have a great complicity!)

Can you help me out, please? I need a new set pair of eyes on this! 🙂

Thank you so so much!!! Have a wonderful day and week!! 🙂