constructed emotion

I’m reading a book about the Theory of Constructed Emotion: How Emotions are Made, by Lisa Feldman Barrett.
She says that emotions are not wired, but that we are creating them from what we feel in our bodies.
I’ve been feeling more able to take distance from what I feel since I’ve read this book.
For example:

C Husband and kid say words, I feel a vibration in my body
T I am irritated
F Irritated
A Label the vibration with a word, create the story where I’m irritated, judge myself and my family through those lens
R I’m irritated

C Husband and kid say words, I feel a vibration in my body
T This is just a vibration in my body
F Quiet
A Observe myself, don’t label what I feel, don’t construct a story about it, ask myself: what do I want to think and feel about it?
R I am free to construct my emotions as I want to

So, I’m wondering, is the F-line also kind of a thought? When I label my emotion “irritated”, don’t I create my irritation in a certain way?
A more neutral way to complete the F-line would be to describe the emotion, like: “pulsation in my chest that increase and decrease with a lot of intensity” (for my way to feel irritated). Maybe I should give it a try even if it’s longer? What would you advice? Thanks!