Believing a New Thing

Hi! I am working through the Believing New Things workbook in the Study Vault and listening to the accompanying podcasts and materials.

I started with the thought: I make 1,000,000 dollars as a wellness and life coach. After 5 days of the work, I started questioning whether that was the actual new thought I wanted to believe because I wasn’t excited about it.

It was more the things I would have: a flexible schedule, get to make money doing something I love, all the things that I would be able to afford like college for my children, and possibly a beach house.

So now I’m questioning whether or not this is a thought that it would be useful to believe or if I should hone in on one of the specifics?

The other thing that comes up is that I am currently only coaching part-time and making a few hundred dollars a month, so I wonder if the new thought is too much of a stretch. I would like to eventually be coaching full-time and quit my current job where I make 150K, but I am not enjoying the work.