Online Dating

Today I got triggered by online dating. I swipe on all these guys, and so few of them respond with anything meaningful. I just think that most people are actually stupid. I’m pretty clear that my feeling is ‘frustrated’.

I know that it is in my best interest to ‘accept reality as it is’.

C Guy on tinder says some words
T Everyone is stupid
F Frustrated
A Argue with guy
R (I’m not totally sure….besides the fact that I work myself up into a tizzy…. any help here?)

C Guy on tinder says some words
T I don’t have time for this bullshit
F Frustrated, impatient
A Argue with this guy on tinder
R Waste time arguing with him about said bullshit

C Guy on tinder says some words
T I’m literally never going to find a partner
F Exhausted
A Speak in an exasperated tone, low energy, unable to focus, want to drop out of my life entirely and go live in the rainforest for a few months, which I’d probably do if it weren’t for the knowledge that I’d have to come back to this shit again afterwards
R No idea

I’m exhausted, honestly. I’m tired of this entire life I have created. I want to drop out of all of society and just go somewhere that I can be in nature, with loving people, not having to worry about this rat race that we’re all inadvertently stuck in. I don’t want to play the game anymore. I want nothing to do with almost everything I see in this society. I’m tapped out of trying to make it in this structure – does ANYBODY enjoy this? How??