Believing new things exercise question

Hi coaches!

I’m working on believing new things, and I’m so excited to develop this superpower! I have a question about the workbook instructions. It says that once we identify why we don’t believe it fully we’re meant to: “Answer each of these sentences with an alternative thought and a massive action to counter it.”

Having completed my day one work now, I see that I wouldn’t have a reason to take a massive action unless my thoughts that run counter to what I want were true, and in most cases that’s not even a remote possibility.

The new belief I’m working on is “The more other people see me, the more successful and strong I become”. One of the thoughts that comes up when I’m try to believe that is “Other people could write things about me online and hurt my business.” My alternative thought to that is “They were never going to buy from me, and they can’t take anything away from me. I need to get out there and find more of my people.” My massive action in that case would be increasing FB ad spend and doing more free JV trainings.

Before I did day one work, I thought the purpose of the exercise was to take those actions later.

After doing it, I’m wondering if the point of it is more to experience curiosity and imagine a solution that comes from my future self, rather than focusing on trying to take action. (Or maybe it’s both! lol) Any insight?