Betrayal…how to help others.

I was married to my husband for 22 years. We have three sons that are very close in age. He is a very successful CEO of a major corporation. Until the day he left, we would have been viewed as the perfect family. He totally blindsided me by walking in and telling me that he was leaving, and announcing that he had not been happy for years. He denied that there was anyone else, and told me the only mistake that I had made was that I trusted him implicitly.
What I discovered in the next 24 hours was egregious. He had many affairs, and had even lived with another woman and her daughter…house, condo, cars, trips. I could go on and on.
We moved ten times all over the world to support and elevate his career. I felt like we were a team and that I was running my household and taking care of my sons while he was being the CEO. I felt like on weekends we came together as one. Obviously, I was wrong.

I totally gave myself away t o my sons and my husband. My entire identity was as a wife and mother. I am still, 10 years later, at age 58, trying to discover who I am and what I want. My Life Coach saved me in the months following my divorce. I have wanted to be a coach for over 15 years. I have no regrets in my life, yet I know that if I don’t pursue Coaching, I will regret that. So…here I am!

I so value marriage and family and realize all of that can look many different ways. I want part of my work to be helping women (or meh…spouses) who have been knocked to their knees by betrayal in their relationships. I realize that many people, who know my story, reach out to me when this happens to them. I confuse myself by saying that I do not know what to call that help, how I could best serve, or what my offering would be. What is the direction of that work? How can I best help them? Is this even a niche or a need?