Bf & Rapid antigen test results

I had a couple of questions about this situation I have with my bf. The other day I had some fever and so I took a rapid antigen test.
The result came out negative but my bf was skeptical about the result and his response “the result is probably wrong” wasn’t exactly what I had expected.

I had a ton of thoughts to his response like:
-My bf doesn’t really care about me.
-He cares about himself.
-He’s not even worried that I might have Covid.
-Do I want to still be dating this guy?
-What if I don’t end up happy with him?
-Is it time I should start finding someone else?
-Should I get back on the dating app?

I picked 2 thoughts and tried to do a model on it. Not sure if I got them right?

C: Bf sends text saying “the result is probably wrong”
T: My bf doesn’t really care about me.
F: frustrated
A: think he should care about me, think there is a “right way” for him to respond, not being curious for why he said what he said, buffered with social media, not looking for places where I can take PCR tests
R: I don’t care for myself?

C: Bf sends text saying words “the result is probably wrong”
T: I’m not sure if I want to still date this guy.
F: careless
A: think about reasons why I might not want to date this guy anymore, check horoscope to see if we were meant to be, think about going on dating apps again, not responding to his text, not thinking about all the good times that we had together, not being appreciative, blaming and giving him the power for the decisions in my life.
R: I’m not taking responsibility for my decisions?

For the second model, if I did get the R line right, I think I get it but I think I’m not 100% convinced.
Also not sure how to get to an intentional model from here. I think I’m still feeling the “I don’t care , I don’t want to think about it” and avoiding the situation or thoughts of going back to the app/thinking he might not be the one comes up.